Slow Your Roll, Bro

If you’ve had your heart broken in the last year, if you’ve hit an emotional low, if you didn’t know how you would proceed, then good for you. You’re human. Congratulations. I’m right there with you.

Take your time. Feel the feelings that you need to feel. Cry on the floor. Eat a lot of shitty food. Be a mess. Then, when you’re ready, get up. Get going. And start again.

But only when you’re ready.

Take your time.

We live in a city, in a world, of instant gratification. Suppressing emotion for the sake of productivity used to work, but I don’t think that’s the way the world is anymore. We’re moving towards a society that values each individual experience as a part of the collective whole, which means that your life is just as valid as mine. Embrace that. Always move forward, but recognize that your experience, good or bad, is yours. Own it.

Healing doesn’t happen overnight. It happens over months and years.

Take your time. You’ll be better for it.

And then go be awesome.