The Brock Bivens Comprehensive, Totally Incomplete, And Continuously Evolving Survival Guide For Leaving Your Life In The Suburbs And Living In New York City: Chapter One.

I almost left New York. I almost left New York like 3 times. I almost seriously left New York like 3 different times in the course of a year. In fact, I actually left New York in May with the intention of not coming back for months until an awesome audition beckoned me back like a beautiful siren on the rocks. Between terrible jobs, a rocky relationship, learning a new city, losing my money, losing my mind, an inevitable break-up, and general unhappiness, I was about ready to throw in the towel, move back to the Pacific Northwest, and figure out something else to do with my life. This isn’t what I wanted for my life, I moved here to do what I love, but leaving felt like the only option. How was I going to afford this place? How the fuck was I going to find happiness here? I didn’t know the answers to these questions. I was angry, upset, anxious, and stressed.

And then something changed. I stopped fighting it all. I allowed the circumstances of my life to just be. I’m still finding my peace with this city and like an estranged family member who suddenly comes back into your life without warning; it takes time, but I’m learning to love this city all over again. I feel pretty great lately. After a year and a half (almost. ALMOST.), I’m finally making New York function for me.

Through trial and error, and some helpful advice from people who have weathered the storm of New York City, I’m learning to find what works for me, and what absolutely does not. I want to share that you. So without further ado, here it is

The Brock Bivens Comprehensive, Totally Incomplete, And Continuously Evolving Survival Guide To Leaving Your Life In The Suburbs And Living In New York City.

Chapter One

Find Your Secret Places And Share Them With Other People

This first piece of advice is sadly not a Brock Bivens original, but it is one that I received almost immediately after moving to NYC and it has stuck with me ever since. It was actually given to me by Ellen Lauren of The SITI Company. I had worked with them at Emerson, and asked for any advice on the city when I made the move. Maybe it was the way she put it, “Find your secret places” or maybe it was the dichotomy of having your secrets and then being selfless enough to share them, but her advice is the one that stuck with me.

I can’t emphasize how important this piece of advice is to me. As I write this, I’m sitting in my favorite coffee shop in Brooklyn: Bedford Hill. They know my order, they know my name, I know their names. I come here, I sit, and I write for hours because I feel welcome. Strangers may surround me, but I feel connected to the place and the people. There are other coffee shops in the area, some of them are cheaper, and some of them have better coffee, but I return here every single day for the people, the environment, and the feeling.

My other favorite haunt is the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. A sprawling haven of nature in the middle of Brooklyn next to Prospect Park. It’s just gorgeous. There is a Japanese Hill and Pond Garden, a Native Flora Garden with plants from the northeast, and a sprawling esplanade with cherry blossoms that are fucking gorgeous in the spring. If you go on the right day, there is no one around. It’s like having a park almost exclusively to yourself. I sometimes sit at the benches that overlook the cherry blossom esplanade and think or write. Sometimes I go read beneath a tree. Other times, I go to the Native Flora Garden and I feel like I’m hiking in Oregon. Needless to say, this is my escape from the city, without leaving the city.

Seriously, this place is magic.

I share these secret places with you, because they aren’t really that secret, they are places anyone can visit, but they are holy to me. I encourage you to share your secret places with someone you love and cherish dearly. If you can’t think of two places in this city that you absolutely adore, then I encourage you to go explore! If you feel so compelled, please share your secret places in the comments below as well. I want to know your secret places, because I want to visit them. I want to covet collect steal love them. I want to find the magic that you found.

Stay tuned for more (hopefully) weekly survival tips!


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I Put Out

I spend a lot of time writing lately. I enjoy it. It’s fun. It’s a nice outlet when acting doesn’t fulfill my creativity to the utmost. When you’re starting out as an actor, it’s a bit like a malfunctioning sports car. Sometimes the gas pedal works really well and you’re cruising along enjoying the luxury and the ease, other times the engine stalls and you can’t even get out of the driveway. You have no control over that, it’s the engine, and you’re not a mechanic so you can’t fix it, you just have to wait until someone else can.

Writing isn’t like that. Well, the writing industry might be like that, but your ability to write is not like that. With the invention of this little thing called “the internet,” it is so easy to put work out there. With acting, you often have to wait until somebody gives you an opportunity to perform, or you have to create your own stuff and find a venue or a camera or a producer or…

With writing you can put some words on a page, click, and BOOM it’s out there in the world. Your art is exposed, for better or for worse. Trust me, I know that that is not the easiest thing. When you have impossibly high standards for yourself, like I often do, it’s easy to feel like the work you’re doing doesn’t meet the bar you’ve set yourself. Sometimes, you just have to write a blog post, put it out there, click, and run away from the computer like it is the Zombie Apocalypse. (Author’s Note: This is the same technique I use when I’m texting a girl I like, sending a bold email, or generally being ballsy. Just do it, and run away. Works like a charm. Kind of.)

To be honest, most of my stuff doesn’t meet my exceedingly high standards for myself. I can think of one blog post in total that I was like “Yeah, I fucking nailed that.” I mentioned this yesterday, but I’m just trying to get in the habit of writing. Actually, I’m kind of already in that habit. I like writing. Now I’m trying to create the habit of putting it out there. I want to encourage you to do the same. What did you do today to put your creativity on the line?

It may not ever be exactly the way we want it to be, but if we put it out there and we get one person’s precious attention, then we have accomplished something worthwhile.

So go on. Put your art out there. I promise you won’t die.*

I put out, why don’t you? (gross.)

Love you. Mean it.


*Promise not guaranteed, I take no responsibility.


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