Like I said, crazy good life, falling out the habit, but not giving up on this blog!  Life is good.

In the meantime, watch this as a distraction. It’s hilarious and very, very important:


Motor Homemade

Have you ever been so proud of your friends that you could burst? That’s how I feel about Mary Kenny.

That mustachioed french man in the background is Mary Kenny...I mean, Pierre.

That mustachioed french man in the background is Mary Kenny…I mean, Pierre.

Mary and I knew each other peripherally for a year, when we were both at Williamstown Theatre Festival, before we really became friends. Two years ago, by sheer destiny, the summer camp Mary was working at lost their only male counselor and needed an immediate replacement. Mary recommended me, though we had only spoken MAYBE twice up at Williamstown when we were working on the 2012 Lip Dub Video (Still the best one, and Mary’s handiwork). I, being the lover of spontaneity that I am (and also because I was fed up with New York), said YES and left my job to join the wonderful people at Camp Stanley. The people I met at Camp Stanley are some of my favorite humans on this entire planet.

So I owe a lot to Mary, and since then I have gotten to know her very well. Our first summer at Camp Stanley, she described herself as being on a “dream hiatus” instead preferring to help other people with their dreams at the moment, while she figured out what she wanted to do. Mary’s artistic mind knows no limits. Whether it’s building sets, doing graphic design, or even teaching kids, she brings ease and a confidence that I so admire. Not to mention a genuine selflessness and willingness to help, no matter what the project. Plus, she’s a total badass.

See? What a badass.

See? What a badass.

Mary, like myself, has never really cared for the pace of life in New York City. She’s lived here for a few years, pounding the pavement, making her way, and wrangling some awesome jobs while she’s at it. However, her creativity and unique sensibility could not be satiated by this city’s sometimes underwhelming lack of opportunities for creative people. So Mary did what any sensible artist would do.

Mary bought an RV.

Mary's Motor

Mary Kenny is going to travel across the country in an ’84 Winnebago. She’s going to keep her creative clients in New York City AND she’s going to go across the country helping friends and strangers with their artistic pursuits. If you’re looking for a creative mind, she’s your lady and she’s for hire. Mary is turning her dream hiatus into a dreamy adventure. Check it out here:


Be sure to follow Mary’s adventure online. She has a blog! I’m sure I won’t be the last person to cover this great adventure.

She’s making a bold move. She’s taking a risk. She’s having the adventure of a lifetime. I think more of us should too.

The Attitude of Gratitude #1

I have been writing a lot lately. Like a lot, a lot. Aside from this blog, I’ve been working on creative projects, and just generally writing for fun. I’ve also been attempting to practice gratitude for the wonderful things in my life.

So I just wanted to say, too all the people who encouraged me to start writing again and who continue to keep encouraging me to write, thank you.

Any creative endeavor, no matter how isolating or singular it may seem, is not accomplished without a small army of people. Even if you said to me once, offhandedly “Hey, I like your blog.” Thank you. I have kept going because of tiny words of encouragement, and I will keep going because of the momentum I have accrued through your words.

Thanks friends.