Bring It Back Again…Again.

I’m back to blogging again. Why? Because I need somewhere to write. Oh sure, I can write on the computer or in my notebook and then leave it there, safe and alone for no one to see. Writing though, is not exactly what I need practice with. Well, yes of course, I need practice with writing. I will ALWAYS need practice with writing. I practice writing a lot though, between my comedy duo Former Fat Kids Society and my other personal projects on the side. What I really need practice with is putting my work out there.

It is one thing to write a body of work, to create mass amounts of work that hone in on your voice, and generally practice a craft. It’s a completely different thing to put your work out there: imperfect, flawed, beautiful. To say “I have written this and now I give it to you, Universe.” To embrace imperfection, mistakes, flaws, and learning. That’s where the beauty is anyway.

To be honest, this feels like a lackluster post to me. I’m not sure what I want to say. But I’m going to put it out there because it’s a beginning. Or a re-beginning if you will. It’s time to turn on the faucet and run the tap so that the murky brown water can run out and we can get the clear, cool, refreshing water instead. Metaphors.

I’m going to write daily. I can’t guarantee it will always be good, but I will guarantee that it will always be me. Some days it may be a sentence. Somedays it may be a sketch. It’ll be SOMETHING.

I still believe in my original tagline: Better Humans Make Better Art. Actually, I think I believe it now more than ever. So let’s all work at being good, kind humans and continue the pursuit of creating our own art. Sound good? Cool. Glad to have you along for the journey.


P.S. You should watch this:


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